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People think that social media marketing is based on only Facebook and Twitter, but in recent years, WhatsApp also came in social networks. There are 1.5 billion WhatsApp users in the world and still increasing day by day. In Brazil, Malaysia, and Mexico – 60% of people use it. It is a common alternative to SMS in 109 countries because SMS is costly and WhatsApp is almost free that only needs the Internet. So it is beneficial to use WhatsApp for marketing purposes.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Marketing?

The main reason to use it for your business is that millions of people are already using it. According to a survey, 67% of app users said that they like to chat for companies, and 53% of respondents said that they love to buy from business to whom they can message directly.

If your customers are young, they will be more comfortable using it for their day-to-day communication. A study shows that 42% of smartphone users between 18 to 29 years old use WhatsApp, compared to only 19% of smartphone users who are 50 years or older.

How Can You Use WhatsApp?

There are three ways to share your data, including messages, pictures, Audios, and videos.

One-to-One Chat

You can send your message, audio, video, and photos to one single person from your contact list. No third party can see your data.

Broadcast lists

You can use the broadcast feature when you want to send the same message to many people. But it is limited to only 256 contacts.


You can make groups and share your data with contacts who are in that group. It is also limited to 256 people.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp does not have any business-specific features and trade ad space, so you need to be innovative for business marketing approach. This App is different in its function than other messaging apps; it’s essential to design strategy for WhatsApp marketing.
You can’t create a business account on it, so if you are creating an account for your brand, you will face some limitations. We know each WhatsApp account is connected to one mobile phone number. We keep our mobile number always with us, so marketing campaigns you tackle must respect privacy. This is where clients or buyers interact with other people, so creativity and trust are essential. Here are some points you can use for WhatsApp marketing:

  1. Design a business persona to interact with users and create buzz.
  2. Offer one-on-one support to attract new consumers for a business product.
  3. Offer subtle guidance and facility to high-value clients.


WhatsApp marketing is same as necessary as other marketing services. We offer WhatsApp marketing services at an affordable price. Come to us our experts will help you to get new consumers.

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