An SEO audit is a procedure to inspect how well is your website’s presence. It shows our website’s performance on search engines. It is the first step to create an implementation plan that will have assessable outcomes. Before beginning any other task of SEO, create a good strategy so you can achieve your goals. By SEO audit, you can detect issues that are affecting the ranking of your website.

Why SEO Audits is Important for Website?

Your website is the center of your online business, so it is essential to check your website’s health. You need to check how your website is working on different search engines, is it user-friendly, how is the content of your website and many other things. An SEO audit helps to find all the critical issues of the site and let you fix all of them. A good SEO strategy advises the audit at least two times a year.

What is Analyzed in an SEO Audit?

May SEO audits vary slightly for SEO experts, but there are various same factors that we analyze in an audit.
An SEO expert will analyze the following things in an SEO audit report:

On-Page SEO Audit

theme analysis, meta tags, schema, site maps, robot file, image optimization, silo structure, and heading tags.

Off-Page SEO Audit

It includes external backlinking (do-follow, no-follow), citation flow, trust flow, and relevant and irrelevant links category.

Website structure issues

In it, we analyze the website’s structure is user-friendly or not.

Technical SEO Issues

it almost includes everything that our website needs. We analyze status code, redirects, URL structure, canonical tags, and other domain issues.

Competitive Analysis

We analysis what strategy our competitor is using. How many his backlinks, what is his DA, PA, and which keyword he is using.

Server Log Audit

It includes user agent analysis and crawls budget analysis.

The conclusion is that an SEO audit is a standard process that should follow regularly. It is vital to maintain good health and to find errors in your website. Contact our SEO team today and get a schedule for your website.


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